TopDownImages designed TurfManager to be able to account for all time, assets and materials spent growing and maintaining turf. TurfManager can be used by anyone that manages turf as they all need to track and account for labor, equipment, chemical usage and water. We started with the golf course market and will get into sports management and other turf related fields as the opportunities present themselves. 

TurfManager is an SaaS internet-based system that provides 24/7 access to day-to-day operational data 24/7 for all in the management chain: HQ staff, course owners/managers, regional managers, the course superintendent and/or others you want to view the data. This one-stop internet portal digitizes your paper documents, maps and spreadsheets for ease of access, use and development of standard processes.  

We have structured a solution that does not require a lot of data entry, and you don’t need to have an MBA or CPA to understand the reports, and has the ability to provide multi-course management support. The TDI Overview document outlines why the service is needed. Some features of TurfMaster are:

·         Online “As Built” configurations with many infrastructure overlays,  the ability to make notes on every hole so the local knowledge is not lost when people move on, and many more features

·         Labor Management & Tracking  –  Since labor is usually 50-60% of a budget,  we have detailed labor reporting by daily activity, and by employee or contractor

·         Equipment Maintenance  –  tracks all labor and parts on all assets with historical reporting capabilities

·         Chemical Usage Tracking

·         Inventory

·         Purchase orders

For multi-course or sports location managers, you can have online access to inventory and asset rollups by club, region or in total. Need a part? Just go online and see if you have one in a nearby location saving the extra expense of buying a part.

TopDown Images is interested in supporting the growth of your customers if you have an interest in developing “Best of Class” practices and processes in all your facilities. We guarantee a 100% ROI in the first year or we give you your money back.


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