Green diesel generator compressor available

For service vehicle and race car trailer owners sick of expensive, space-hogging and gas-guzzling equipment, there’s a greener alternative.  The highly-efficient, diesel Generator Compressor from Next Generation Power produces 20 cfm at 150 psi and 5.5 kW of electrical power with an average fuel consumption of less than 1/4 gph. 

Diesel-powered, the Generator Compressor provides a longer life, lower maintenance and better reliability than gasoline.  Measuring only 42″ L x 21″ D x 20″ H and weighing just 375 lbs., it combines a powerful generator and heavy-duty compressor into one, compact unit. 

Operating at a mid-speed 2,800 rpm for less noise, vibration and wear, it employs a durable, water-cooled, 2-cylinder Kubota engine.  An advanced vortex combustion system creates greater energy output with less fuel consumption and cleaner burning exhaust. 

With all CNC-machined parts, a powder-coated, belt-driven Schulz air compressor runs at a very low 1,000 rpm for longer service life.  The versatile unit also features a remote stop/start panel and oil pressure and water temperature shutdowns.  Other options include weather enclosures, air tanks, custom welders and remote and mounted radiator models.  As pictured, the economical Next Gen Generator Compressor costs $4,995.

Contact Next Generation Power, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, FL  32246.  888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175.;