SipcamAdvan announced today that the company has been appointed as exclusive distributor for the biofungicide Actinovate, in select crops and turfgrass in the United States.

SipcamAdvan advances Biorational portfolio

SipcamAdvan announced today that as part of its strategy to further strengthen its proprietary portfolio of biorational plant protection products, the company has been appointed as exclusive distributor for the biofungicide, Actinovate®, in select crops and turfgrass in the United States.  Actinovate, which is manufactured by Natural Industries, Inc. (Houston, Texas), contains the active ingredient, Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108.  Depending on where it is applied, the product protects seedlings, crops or turfgrass roots or foliage, improving nutrient uptake, plant vitality and yield. 

“Acquiring exclusive rights to Actinovate in key sectors moves us towards our goal of expanding SipcamAdvan’s offering of profitable differentiated solutions to top distributors,” said SipcamAdvan Vice President of Marketing Adam Burnhams.  “This exciting product – which boosts overall plant growth and vitality – has the flexibility to be used in both conventional and organic production.  When used as a preventative, researchers have seen Actinovate work as well or better than many chemical fungicides.”[1]

Actinovate is effective against a broad spectrum of soil-borne diseases, such as damping off, and root rots and suppresses certain foliar diseases.  The product is tank-mix compatible with most chemical fungicides and insecticides, as well as fertilizers.  Formulated as a water-soluble powder, it can be applied as a soil drench, or foliar spray. Actinovate STP seed treatment helps seedlings get out of the ground and off to a fast healthy start. All Actinovate formulas are EPA registered and listed by organic certification authorities.

SipcamAdvan has exclusive distribution rights in the potato, sugarbeet, soybean, peanut, alfalfa, clover, corn, small grain, oilseeds and turfgrass markets.