Fertigation without electrical power from Turf Feeding Systems

The WD 700 fertigation system from Turf Feeding Systems brings fertigation to parks and landscaped areas without electrical power. This fertigation system uses a water driven pump to inject and solar power to run the proportional controller of the fertigation system. It offers the same accurate proportional control by flow as our other electronic fertigation systems.

The advantages of Fertigation have been proven, it will reduce fertilizer cost, labor, save water, and give you a quality landscape, and now the Water Driven Injector can bring fertigation to areas without power.

Many areas in the west are faced with High pH issues for soil or water on their sports fields, landscapes, or golf courses.  High pH is usually solved by using acid injection or adding a sulfur burner to the irrigation system, but it is always a temporary cure.

Initially, the landscape comes alive and looks good but, it is temporary.  Sulfur does naturalize the high calcium bicarbonate in the soil or water, but it also attacks the organics and the soil biology.  This leads to a slow gradual decline in quality as acid treatment is continued.  This slow decline will not change since the soil is sterile.


The Salt Lake Community College campus was faced with that exact situation a year ago after years of using their sulfur burner resulting in a declining turf quality.  So they decided to start a new organic program.  They turned off the sulfur burner and installed a fertigation system on the irrigation system for their 20 acre campus and started injecting high levels of organic products with the liquid fertilizer program.  The organic products were basic – humates, seaweed extracts, molasses, enzymes, and other organic elements offered by many organic suppliers.

The results were dramatic. The turf quality kept improving, while the water use dropped, and pesticides were reduced. Because of these results, they continue to order drums of safe lower cost organic products. Their quality of turf continues to improve, while water use continues to drop. It’s simple – make the plant healthy, grow strong deep dense roots, and all the rest falls in place.

Fertigation and a good organic program will address high pH, high sodium, and many other issues facing most turfgrass managers.  Time after time this simple combination will work and it is affordable.  A complete organic nutrient program can cost as little as $80 to $100 per acre monthly.

The cost of dry fertilizer has doubled in the last year, which has made organic programs and liquid fertilizer about half the price of a low cost quick-release dry fertilizer program. The only initial cost is the fertigation system, which is less than most realize. 


There are leasing programs for fertigation systems, which will solve the issue of purchasing. You can be in the fertigation / organic program sooner than you think, with these options.

As you probably know we have been in the fertigation business longer than most – over twenty-three years, and our background is Professional Grade Fertigation for golf, sports turf, and landscapes worldwide.

Through the years people have asked for a water driven injector, since some locations are without power, but our focus has been our precision electronic fertigation systems. 

We finally have the best water driven injector for the (3 acre to over 50 acre) sports turf and landscape site without power.  We have been testing it and it will be available May 1.

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