As budget constraints pull at the pockets of sports field and golf course professionals, Ewing appoints Heath Schesser to provide turf and agronomic support to sports field managers, grounds crews and golf course superintendents.

“I know times are fiscally tight for sports field professionals but I am here to help them spend their resources wisely,” said Schesser, whose territory includes Kansas and Missouri. “I plan to help turf managers navigate through their turf problems with solutions that work, and in the process provide customer service that breeds loyalty.”

While Schesser currently spends his days honing in on sports turf quality and soil strength, he used to pay more attention to the quality of his swing and the strength of his arm.

With a distinguished collegiate baseball performance at Kansas State University, Schesser was drafted to play minor league baseball for the Detroit Tiger’s organization. After two seasons with the Jamestown Jammers and the West Michigan Whitecaps, Schesser was released, turning his focus from the game played on the field to the field itself.

Schesser returned to Kansas State University to pursue a degree in horticulture with an emphasis in golf course management. Post graduation, Schesser signed on with Kansas City-based Ryan Lawn & Tree before transitioning to Ewing.

“I grew up mowing lawns, playing golf and baseball, so the idea of working in the turf industry always intrigued me,” Schesser said.

Schesser will operate out of Ewing’s Olathe branch located at 1495 E. Kansas City Rd.

For assistance with your sports field or golf course, Schesser can be reached at 913.940.0654 or via email at

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