ESI Environmental Sensors Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Next Generation Gro·Point Wireless. This new, cost effective, product edition features improved radios that accept four digital or analog readings, web enabled software and cell modem coverage for remote locations.

This Gro·Point release means irrigation managers can now monitor critical soil and weather conditions from one extremely straightforward software interface. This makes it dramatically more efficient to monitor large crop areas in order to minimize damage due to weather and irrigation issues, while maximizing crop quality and yield.

Gro·Point Wireless was designed and developed over the course of the last year in close consultation with ESI’s customers and distribution partners. Gro·Point Wireless provides real time moisture and temperature information, enabling precision irrigation and frost protection. In addition, the system is designed to send alerts via email to users in the event that temperature or moisture has breached user-defined alarm levels. System design flexibility means customers can add other sensors, such as: pressure, flow, rain gauge, wind speed/direction, etc., as required. Use of Smart Phones with Gro·Point Wireless means a user is always informed of critical conditions regardless of location.

ESI’s 900 MHz radios offer up to 5 km (3 mile) line of sight transmission with an optional cell modem add on that provides the information over the internet anywhere there is a connection. The next generation Gro·Point Wireless Software incorporates Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping and an intuitive user interface that is fast, easy to use, and offers multiple views including: Graph view and List view.

“We are extremely pleased to offer this unrivalled, end to end system to our distributors, resellers and customers” commented David Porter, ESI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The system’s foundation is ESI’s Gro·Point sensors – known around the world for their accuracy, and quality – and ends with a world class, easy to use proprietary software application. ESI has hit the mark with Gro·Point Wireless and we are working hard to meet the demand for this product.”

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