A veteran turf specialist to the pro sports turf industry for over 30 years, Spin Martin kept the best kept secret in turf paint formulas for only a privileged few.

He recently concluded 10 years as Head Groundskeeper for the Indianapolis Colts (Super Bowl XLI Champions) following 5 years as the first Head Groundskeeper for the Carolina Panthers. His career included painting 15 Super Bowl fields, numerous Pro Bowl and American Bowl fields, Rose Bowl Fields, World Series fields and countless thousands of practice fields.
This 17 year field proven paint, developed by a chemist and this leading turf specialist was sought after by a major paint manufacturer. Spin feared that the formula would be modified in order to cut costs. He declined the major paint company’s proposal and has recently decided to devote himself to the cause of making this turf paint available to groundskeepers everywhere at a reasonable cost while maintaining the superior qualities of this paint.

·         It’s the brightest paint on the market.

·         Its highly concentrated formula lets you mix 1 gallon to 4 gallons of water, that’s better than twice the average, saving you money, storage space and shipping costs.

·         Designed for synthetic fields and grass fields with no biological build-up.

·         It’s so easy to mix you can use a broom stick.

·         It’s so easy to clean you can use a garden hose to wash out the bottom of your sprayer.

·         It doesn’t settle on the bottom of the tank, it stays in suspension…. so you can take that lunch break!

·         Designed for use in airless and back-pac sprayers.

·         After only using your stencils the first time, with a fan tip you can spray all the hash marks without using a hash mark board. Then free-hand your logo’s and numbers. Just pump and spray.

·         Field proven over 17 years in professional sports.

·         Colors are the deepest and truest.



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