Pioneer introduces Quik Stripe Chalk system

Aerosol marking chalk meets quality and versatility with the unveiling of Pioneer Quik Stripe Chalk and the Quik System. Quik Stripe Chalk’s formula comes in convenient 18-ounce cans that can be sprayed by hand or applied using the Quik System’s Quik Stick and Quik Striper tools.
“We call it the 15-minute solution,” notes George Sajner, Pioneer Product Manager. “If you’ve got a temporary field to lay out or want to make some temporary marks on the path to a finished paint job then Quik Stripe Chalk Aerosol is your tool of choice, because it can dry on the field in about 15 minutes. And taking it off is as easy as rinsing with a hose.”
For comfortable freehand marking, the ergonomic hand-held Quik Stick is a perfect complement. For a rolling solution, the large 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels  and handlebar paint control of the Quik Striper are tailored to deliver a quality Quik Stripe Aerosol application.
The entire Quik System – Quik Stripe Chalk Aerosol, the Quik Stick and the Quik Striper – is available exclusively through Pioneer Athletics starting today. More information and product ordering are available at