VOC-Free field paint from Pioneer

Pioneer Athletics announced that its high-performing Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly (www.ultrafriendly.com) has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency with the first-ever “Design for the Environment” designation for field-marking paint.

Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and includes more readily biodegradable components than ever before. Intensive ingredient research contributed to formulation breakthroughs that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health. “Ingredients have always been the key to making our paints high-performing,” noted Pioneer President Doug Schattinger.

“What’s different with Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly is that we’ve taken our dedication to a whole new level that’s earned EPA recognition.” “Field-marking paint is very different from other paints,” said George Sajner, Pioneer’s Product Manager. “Some people don’t give it a second thought, but what goes into a product like Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly makes all the difference in terms of performance, safety and impact. That’s the approach that keeps us focused every day on better products for our customers.” Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly exclusively launches at the 2009 Sports Turf Managers Association Conference and Exposition beginning on January 13, 2009. More information and pre-orders are available at www.pioneerathletics.com