Horizon offers new TurfGro Premium fertilizer

Horizon is now offering its private line of TurfGro premium fertilizers to customers in the 11 states it serves. TurfGro fertilizers are uniquely blended to provide optimum turf fertilization and are perfect for use on golf courses, landscapes, parks, athletic fields and other green belt areas.

TurfGro fertilizers are the only nationally distributed fertilizer brand that is formulated for each region and developed specifically for the turf, soil and weather in that area—ensuring thick, green, healthy lawns year-round. In addition, these formulations are designed to minimize the impact of rising raw material costs so customers always get a quality product at a value price.

“TurfGro fertilizers are specially blended to meet the precise needs of various soil types and turfgrasses,” said Christina Burton, landscape product manager at Horizon. “Because we are not a typical mass producer, we have a unique opportunity to change blends to meet market needs and combat rising costs of raw materials.”

The new TurfGro fertilizer line consists of blends like Landscaper Plus

16-0-8, a no-phosphorus, high-iron blend. Phosphorus is used for root development and it is only necessary for planting new turf—mature turf requires mainly nitrogen along with some potash, iron and sulfur. By not having phosphorus in the fertilizer blend, Horizon can sell a more environmentally friendly, low-cost fertilizer to its customers.

 “In this challenging market, where raw material costs have climbed to unprecedented levels, we have ways to save the customer money without compromising turf quality,” said Burton.  “By eliminating the Phosphorus in our Landscaper Plus, we can offer our customers a more environmentally friendly alternative at a significantly lower cost.  We are offering alternatives like that with all of our products.”

Other TurfGro blends include Pro Starter 6-20-10, a high-phosphorus fertilizer with reduced potash levels, Cool Season 21-0-7, TurfGro 15-5-10 in Texas, a Winterizer 21-2-15 for CO and other cool weather markets, combo products like TurfGro 15-3-5 with Dimension herbicide, and over a dozen TurfGro blends in Washington and Oregon.