BigBelly solar compactors with integrated recycling units are the world’s only system that provides on-site compaction of solid waste and separation of recyclable materials. The BigBelly brings compaction to the point of collection and reduces trash collection frequencies by up to 80%.

·         BigBelly can hold up to 220 gallons of trash, solving problems of rising collection costs and litter overflow. It also increases service levels by allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

·         Used in busy locations such as downtown retail districts and urban parks, or in remote sites such as parks and beaches.


BigBelly typically pays for itself in 1-3 years.
Safe and easy to use, the BigBelly‘s enclosed design keeps litter in and pests out.
Wireless monitoring and notification system available.

The combination of recycling units with BigBelly provides significant economic, environmental and educational benefits. Fully modular systems can be configured as 2 or 3-unit kiosks or as stand-alone units. Please follow the link for additional information:

BigBelly solar compactors are installed in 32 states and 15 countries, in hundreds of locations:

Major cities include:  Boston, Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Austin, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Jose and Vancouver BC.
Parks include:  U.S. Forest Service; National Park Service; State Park systems (MA, MD, MI, NH, NY); City Parks Departments (Chicago, Baltimore, Albuquerque); and more.
Universities include:  Duke, Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Arizona State, Drexel, MIT, Cape Cod Community College, West Point and more.
Commercial sites include:  Forest City, Guest Services, McDonalds and other outdoor malls and eateries.
International sites include:  Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Israel and Dubai.

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