Bobcat Company announces the roller suspension system option and an improvement to the undercarriage of large-frame compact track loaders. The new roller suspension system is now available as an option on the Bobcat® T250 and T300 compact track loaders, in addition to the T320. Bobcat has also improved the design of the solid-mount undercarriage on the T250, T300 and T320.

Bobcat roller suspension system

The new roller suspension system utilizes all-steel components to increase operator comfort without sacrificing durability.


The rollers are suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs to reduce vibration and improve operator comfort. Another way Bobcat has increased operator comfort is by requiring less steering-lever effort to turn the loader, accomplished by raising the track idlers on the Bobcat roller suspension system.

The Bobcat roller suspension system does not require greasing or adjusting. The rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated.

These improvements come without sacrificing the durability that customers have come to expect from Bobcat. This is the first roller suspension system with an all-steel design and the first with steel imbed tracks. The rollers are made of forged steel and the springs are shot-peened steel for strength and durability.

The drive motor and hydraulic lines of the Bobcat roller suspension system are kept in fixed positions. This limits the possibility of the hoses becoming snagged during operation, and also reduces wear from vibration and rubbing. The drive motor housing is hidden to limit exposure to debris such as mud or sticks that could damage the machine.

Solid-mount and roller suspension system undercarriage

The design of the roller suspension system includes features that make it easier to keep the undercarriage clean. These features are now built into the solid-mount undercarriages of Bobcat T250, T300 and T320 compact track loaders. The area around the drive sprocket has been increased to allow improved cleaning. The design of the undercarriage frame enhances debris shedding when working in muddy conditions, preventing material from clogging the rollers. Clean-out holes have been added to the enclosed undercarriage to allow access for pressure washers.

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