Agrium Advanced Technologies, a leading manufacturer of slow- and controlled-release fertilizers and pest control products, has introduced a breakthrough new product, XCU Slow-Release Fertilizer.

Agrium Advanced Technologies introduces XCU slow-release fertilizer

XCU has the highest Nitrogen (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any sulfur-coated urea (SCU) on the market today, so landscape and lawn care professionals can treat more area with less product to control costs.

XCU has a unique, durable polymer coating that allows gradual, consistent nutrient release, so one application provides up to 10 weeks of green, healthy turf. In most regions of the country, ordinary fertilizers feed the turf for only about four weeks.

This highly efficient feeding means landscape and lawn care professionals can make fewer applications to keep a customer’s grass green and healthy. That saves time, money and fuel because fewer trips are needed to keep lawns and landscapes looking beautiful. XCU also has the lowest risk of leaching and volatilization of all SCUs, so environmental impact is greatly reduced.

Most fertilizers release Nitrogen too quickly for turf and plants to use it all, so the nutrients are wasted and lost to the environment. XCU Slow-Release Fertilizer provides just what the plant needs for a longer period of time.

“As fertilizer costs continue to rise, it makes more and more sense to use a slow- or controlled-release fertilizer that delivers just the nutrients needed for a long time, so lawn care professionals can make fewer applications,” said John Johnson, director of marketing for Agrium Advanced Technologies. “Using XCU as a stand-alone product, or increasing the amount of XCU Slow-Release Fertilizer to 75% of your blends, will make a big difference in your fertilizer costs, the environment and customer satisfaction.”

XC™ Slow-Release Fertilizer is available from many suppliers nationwide.