AUBURN, WA—Nikko Tanaka Engineering U.S.A., Ltd. (Nikko Tanaka USA) today announced that its much-anticipated “Inspire” design handheld blower, the Tanaka THB-260PF, is now available for purchase.  This model is defined by its revolutionary honeycomb-shaped, plastic outer housings which are manufactured with PA6 GF30 (Polyamide 6, Glass Fiber 30%).  This material features outstanding strength and rigidity and is more than twice as strong as similar products using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic housings.

The “Inspire” design for outdoor power equipment was developed by the award-winning Hitachi Power Tool industrial design team.  In 2005, Hitachi won an IDEA Award for Industrial Design Excellence with the DS18DMR cordless drill.  Eventually, Tanaka’s complete product lineup will consist of the “Inspire” design.

“This new design looks great, but its main purpose is to provide increased durability to help reduce downtime,” said Jeff Wright, vice president of sales and marketing for Nikko Tanaka USA.  “Commercial handheld outdoor power equipment is evolving and Tanaka is leading the way.”


The THB-260PF comes standard with cruise control, a soft elastomer grip, and is shredder/vacuum capable.  The optional THV-260 vacuum attachment kit will be available for purchase next month.

In addition, this commercial grade handheld blower features an innovative high-volume fan nozzle which provides more control for increased blowing efficiency.  When using this nozzle, the THB-260PF puts out 368 CFM with a maximum air speed of 180 mph.  When using with the round tubes, the blower delivers 393 CFM with a maximum air speed of 148 mph.

The THB-260PF is powered by Tanaka’s 25 cc, 1.3 h.p. PureFire two-stroke engine, contains a 23.0 fl. oz. see-through fuel tank and has a Walbro carburetor with primer for reliable starting.  Other features include a 68 db(A) sound pressure rating, built-in assist handle, and two heavy-duty foam air filters.  The THB-260PF weighs 10.9 lbs. and is covered by a two-year commercial warranty and a three-year homeowner warranty.

This model, along with several more soon-to-be-produced “Inspire” products will be available to demo at the GIE+EXPO trade show in Louisville, KY October 23-25, 2008. 

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