CLEVELAND, OH—Pioneer Athletics is excited to introduce Star Stripe colors for the Star Liner electric field liner. Star Stripe Paint gives you phenomenal lines with colors now available in Blue, Orange, Red and Yellow for all your game line needs.  The Star Liner is a compact and portable, easy-to-use, electric field liner that maximizes striping time with a long-lasting battery and “Plug & Stripe” technology.

With “Plug & Stripe” technology, there is no mess and no fuss.  Just “plug” the ready-to-use container of Star Stripe paint into the Star Liner and stripe away.  Star Stripe paint features Halogen® 2000 optical brighteners, giving you unbeatable lines that stand-up to tough play and weather.  The paint container, which will stripe one regulation size soccer field, is self-sealing and specially designed to empty completely, minimizing waste.

Environmentally friendly, Star Liner comes equipped with a re-chargeable battery and accompanying charger, allowing up to four hours of striping time.  Its self-storing design is great for small spaces and the foldable handlebars make for easy transport in any vehicle.  Four semi-pneumatic tires allow for excellent mobility over most terrains and a visible spray-pattern in front of Star Liner is perfect for any user.  Star Liner is ideal for recreational athletic fields, and is perfect for the coaches, parents and volunteers who need field lines in a flash.


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