Super reduces N use by 20%

ST. LOUIS, MO—Situated on Long Island’s south shore, the Island Hills Golf Course is an 18-hole private course built in 1927. Its close proximity to the bay prompted John Genovesi, superintendent, to begin using UMAXX, containing StabilizedNitrogen Technology, to reduce nitrogen usage and avoid nitrogen leaching into the groundwater.
Genovesi understands the benefits of using stabilized nitrogen products rather than slow release nitrogen. “With slow release products, the nitrogen is being released at a given rate whether the plant uses it or not,” said Genovesi. “Whereas with StabilizedNitrogen Technology, it’s locked in the soil in an available form for whenever the plant may need it.”
After applying UMAXX, Genovesi typically irrigates for 10 to 15 minutes, watering it into the root zone where it stays in the soil, readily available for use by the plant. Through his use of UMAXX, Genovesi is able to use about twenty percent less nitrogen with no decrease in response, with applications every five to six weeks.
“UMAXX has provided a deeper green, excellent color,” said Genovesi. “The turf density has gotten better and the overall health of the plant has resulted in less disease pressure and stress overall.”
Genovesi added that the members have also noticed the dense turf and the resulting improvements in aesthetics and playability. In addition, Genovesi appreciates the need for environmental responsibility.
“I am going to continue using the UMAXX technology because it’s environmentally friendly, and it provides and promotes a healthier turf grass plant and a more aesthetically pleasing golf course,” Genovesi said.