Par Aide FieldCare drag mat

LINO LAKES, MN—Par Aide, a manufacturer of the high quality, professional-grade, innovative maintenance tools and accessories for athletic facilities, introduces the FieldCare Drag Mat. 

The FieldCare Drag Mat breaks up aerification cores easier, faster and better than ever before.  Also works great for grooming and hand dragging infields, striping turf and working in top-dressing.  The interlocking 20” x 20” x 2” grid panels let you create any size drag mat based on your specific needs.  Made of durable and rust-free polyethylene, it is safer for your fields than steel mats.  The FieldCare Drag Mat’s lightweight design allows for easy transportation around your facility.  The panels can be stacked or the full mat can be hung for easy storage.  The mat is available in four different sizes 160” x 60” (8 panel x 3 panel), 100” x 60” (5 panel x 3 panel), 60” x 20” (3 panel x 1 panel) and 80” x 60” (4 panel x 3 panel) – however numerous sizes can be created by simply adding or removing panels.