RB rotor reduces water use

AZUSA, CA—Rain Bird announces the certification of its 5000 PRS Rotor by Australia’s Smart Approved WaterMark program. The 5000 PRS Rotor is the industry’s only irrigation system rotor to receive this esteemed certification recognizing only those products that meet the highest standards in water efficiency.
An independent third-party testing facility evaluated the 5000 PRS Rotor’s performance and water-saving features, comparing it to two other competing rotors. The pressure-regulated 5000 PRS Rotor was shown to deliver 15-45 percent water savings compared to non-pressure-regulated rotors currently available. The 5000 PRS Rotor’s resulting certification confirms Rain Bird’s ongoing commitment to The Intelligent Use of WaterTM and the company’s leadership in the irrigation industry.

Because of Australia’s extreme water shortage and stringent water rationing measures, four Australian agencies with an interest in responsible water management developed the Smart Approved WaterMark certification program. The program’s goal is to guide homeowners, municipalities, contractors and commercial users of irrigation to choose products providing the highest level of water efficiency.

While the Smart Approved WaterMark program is based in Australia, its certification process has global implications. By choosing those products certified by the Smart Approved WaterMark program, people around the globe can do their part to help ensure that irrigation water is used in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

According to Heather Kraus, Rain Bird product manager, the 5000 PRS Rotor combines Rain Bird’s award winning Rain CurtainTM nozzle technology with an in-stem pressure regulator (PRS). This regulator prevents the misting and fogging often caused by higher pressures, and as a result, puts the water where it belongs–on the turf.
“Receiving this certification verifies what we already know – the 5000 PRS Rotor is a great product that gives those who value green healthy lawns a way to conserve water as well,” Kraus added. “Rain Bird will continue to develop products that use water in the most efficient manner possible while simultaneously providing the moisture that landscapes need to thrive.”
For more information about the 5000 PRS Rotor or any of Rain Bird’s other water-efficient products, visit Rain Bird’s website at www.rainbird.com.