Organic Growing Systems in Knoxville

ALPHARETTA, GA—Organic Growing Systems, Inc. a subsidiary of Advanced Growing Systems, Inc. announces that Pro-Organics has begun distribution of its line of organic fertilizers in Eastern Tennessee.  Pro-Organics was established this month as a division of Proscapes Landscape & Design Group, Inc. located in Knoxville, TN (   Pro-Organics was built as a distribution arm for Proscapes based solely on their success with Organic Growing System’s TOP 4-2-2 organic fertilizer.

Jeff Least, formerly with Lesco in the Knoxville area, joined Pro-Organics as the Division Head on June 3rd.  Mr. Least has a strong background in turf management and has worked with several top golf courses in the Southeast since 1999.  “I am excited about the opportunity to sell an organic product that is effective, versatile and works as well as, if not better than the synthetic products I have sold in the past.  With the cost of synthetics going through the roof, this just makes sense.”

Mike and Katie Wyrosdick, Founders of Proscapes stated, “We strongly believe that Knoxville and the entire Central Tennessee Valley is perfect for the rapid growth and acceptance of organic sustainable fertilizers.  We created this division to capitalize on both the environmental and economic benefits that an effective organic fertilizer brings.” 

Mark Nichols, President and CEO of Organic Growing Systems, Inc. stated, “Mr. Wyrosdick and his new team at Pro-Organics run a solid operation.  They dominate the local landscape and hardscape market and intend to do the same with organic fertilizer.”  Nichols added,  “After traveling with Mr. Least for two days, not only did we take orders for over 50 tons of TOP 4-2-2, it became clear that his depth of knowledge in the golf course maintenance industry is unmatched.   At present, he is lining up several truckloads to be delivered during late summer and early fall for golf course applications.  His quote to me was ‘he is only getting started.’  Based on our combined levels of excitement about our prospects in this market, we believe that the upside is compelling.”

Nichols continued, “Another area that Pro-Organics plans to target aggressively is the equestrian community.  Mr. Least has strong connections with this prolific group throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.  The importance of organically fertilizing pastures that are grazed on by high dollar show and race horses to promote the overall health of the animals, is rapidly gaining market acceptance.  We believe that this will be a burgeoning market throughout the Southeast.”

Metropolitan Knoxville was recently ranked as the “best place to live in the United States and

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