Hunter’s latest drip irrigation product

SAN MARCOS, CA—When it comes to irrigation, Hunter Industries has one defining word: Innovation. This year is no different. Hunter Industries Incorporated is pleased to announce the rollout of another water-efficient product, its new Professional Landscape Drip Line.

The new product helps apply water slowly and evenly, thus giving plant materials consistent distribution. With application rates that enable water to soak in gradually below the surface, the product removes issues found with other methods such as runoff, pattern distortion from wind, and water wasted on hardscapes.

The product features in-line pressure-compensating emitters with a built-in check valve, available in both 250 foot and 1000 foot coils. With superior flexibility and kink resistance, it brings a promise to perform. Further, the Professional Landscape Drip Line works well with the company’s Drip Zone Control Kits.

Other innovative irrigation products include the RZWS, the Root Zone Watering System. Its patented StrataRoot System delivers water where it is needed the most: at the roots. The RZWS is exceptional for young plants and trees, utilizing both near-the-surface and deep root watering, thereby encouraging deep root growth.