New ultra low-use rate herbicide adjuvant available

WAUKEGAN, IL—Precision Laboratories, Inc., a leading provider of specialized chemistries for green industries, announced the release of Transport Ultra™ for the turf industry. This unique, ultra low-use rate ammonium sulfate (AMS) replacement product combines nonionic surfactant, water conditioning agents and ammonium ions in a convenient premix formulation.

Transport Ultra enhances the performance of weak acid herbicides, such as dicamba, phenoxies and glyphosate, by sequestering hard water ions and protonating the herbicide for faster uptake and translocation. It improves early weed control, reduces product handling and won’t plug nozzles like AMS.

“What’s innovative about Transport Ultra are the extra surfactants for added performance against tough weeds. We’re excited to provide turf managers with a product that is very easy to use, while still providing exceptional results,” explains Don Spier, vice president of turf and ornamentals at Precision Laboratories. “By producing such a low-use rate product, we’ve eliminated handling heavy bags of ammonium sulfate.”

“Transport Ultra is well-aligned with our company mission of improving resource management. Better herbicide performance translates into fewer re-sprays saving time and expense and reducing environmental pressure. We’re happy to see that our products continue to provide important results,” says Richard Wohlner, president of Precision Laboratories.

For more information about Transport Ultra visit, or contact Don Spier, 847-596-3001 x234.