Groundsmaster offering climate-controlled cabs

BLOOMINGTON, MN—Climate-controlled operator environments, a new trend among turf maintenance equipment, contribute to increased productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction. The Toro Company, a worldwide leader in turf maintenance equipment and irrigation products, is pleased to announce that all-season cabs with air conditioning (AC) and heat for Groundsmaster® 4000-D and 4100-D are now available through Canadian manufacturer Jodale Perry.

Studies indicate that controlling the temperature of the operator environment can have a profound positive affect on alertness and safety. One study, entitled Driver Vigilance – The Effects of Compartment Temperature (SAE 920168) reported new results demonstrating an unexpectedly-large negative impact on operator attentiveness at 81°F, in comparison with 70°F in a moving vehicle. Drivers missed 50% more of the operating tasks presented in the first hour at the moderately raised temperature. Response times were 22% slower, on average. “These results provide powerful arguments regarding air conditioning and climate controlled cabs as safety features,” said Christopher Anderson, associate marketing manager for commercial equipment at The Toro Company. 

Climate-controlled cabs on turf equipment can impact an organization’s ROI, considering the value of safer operation and increased productivity. If an all-season cab increases an operator’s productivity by just 30 minutes per day, an annual labor savings of $3,500 could be realized.

Though all-season cabs have been available from turf maintenance equipment distributors for years, Jodale Perry now installs the AC system in the cab during their manufacturing process, thus increasing the quality and performance of the all-season cab.

“Toro chose Jodale Perry to produce the cabs because of their reputation for quality product, customer support and distinctive styling,” said Anderson. The low profile design of the AC system integrates with the headliner of the cab for increased clearance under trees and storage areas.


Configure an all-season cab for your Groundsmaster® 4000 or 4100 by visiting the Jodale Perry website at and clicking on “Build Your Own” under the Tools section.