Multi-Conductor cables for irrigation systems

Honeywell has expanded its landscape wiring line to include a new Underground Sprinkler System Cable. This multi-conductor cable connects remote sprinkler valves to irrigation controllers, enabling electrical signals to regulate irrigation timing and duration in residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems.

Housed in a thick polyethylene jacket, the Underground Sprinkler System Cable withstands prolonged direct burial without cracking or degrading. Each jacket holds between two to thirteen bare copper 18 AWG solid conductors insulated in color-coded PVC for easy identification. And because the jacket features a nylon ripcord, cable stripping is cleaner.

Honeywell Underground Sprinkler System Cables are UL Listed for direct burial (UL 486D-Direct Burial) in applications up to 30V.  Packaging options range from 250- to 2,500-feet.