Profile Golf introduces ProPlus® JumpStart

Profile Golf has introduced a new ProPlus® agronomic formulation designed to improve overall soil conditions and allow faster, more complete seed germination and turf establishment.  ProPlus® JumpStart can be applied during overseeding or grow-in projects to get turf ready for play sooner, with stronger stands.

JumpStart gets turf off to a faster, stronger start with a proprietary formulation that includes beneficial soil bacteria, humic acid and a wetting agent.  These ingredients work synergistically to improve water infiltration and retention, and promote faster nutrient uptake and conversion, with up to four months of peak effectiveness.  JumpStart also reduces soil compaction and salinity, which improves the root environment and reduces nutrient leaching for more effective stewardship of environmentally sensitive areas.

“In more than 400 independent efficacy trials, including university and USDA testing, the SuperBio® SoilLife™ components in ProPlus JumpStart have been proven to deliver improved germination, increased root mass and better overall plant health,” said Sam Stimmel, director of Profile Golf.  “Their success has been documented at premier golf courses and their use endorsed by golf course builders.  That’s why they represent key components in our new JumpStart product.”

An independent study utilizing the ASTM D7322 test method for growth establishment documented JumpStart’s ability to get grass off to a fast start.  When compared to the ‘control’ plot, after 14 days, the area seeded with JumpStart experienced a 275 percent increase in seed germination, a 281 percent increase in plant height and 115 percent greater plant mass in 21 days.

To learn more, go to or call to speak with a Profile Golf specialist at (800) 207-6457.