LawnBott 3500 Robotic Mower is Bluetooth-compatible

The LawnBott 3500 is the newest model of LawnBott, a robotic lawnmower that uses a flat blade to mulch grass as it cuts it, thereby mowing and fertilizing the lawn all at once. The new model features Bluetooth compatibility that allows it to be conveniently programmed and controlled by any Bluetooth-enabled device, including cell phones and PDAs.

For initial set-up, simply plug the LawnBott 3500’s docking station into a standard electrical outlet and use the included perimeter wire to set up a boundary around the lawn edge, flowerbeds and bushes. The LB3500 will leave the docking station at its programmed time (which can be changed with a Bluetooth-enabled device) to navigate slopes up to 30 degrees and maintain a large yard area up to 38,000 square feet, and then will return home to recharge when it’s done mowing or when the battery runs low. Safety and security are further enhanced with the LB3500, which has a higher sensitivity, free-floating, 360-degree bumper shell, blade stop proximity sensor, and an on-board alarm system should an unauthorized user pick up the LawnBott.

LawnBott uses $7 to $10 worth of electricity a year and because gas or oil is not required, they are eco-friendly with no pollution and zero emissions. All LawnBott models include an alarm system, lithium ion batteries, and a virtually no noise motor. As a safeguard, a proximity sensor will automatically shut off the blade if the device is picked up to avoid injuries. LawnBott is also quiet enough for a late night or early morning cut without disturbing neighbors, or yourself, while it mows. LawnBott also comes equipped with a rain sensor, which allows it to cut during light rain but stops once it senses too much water, immediately returning to its docking station.