Lawn care professionals alike are rediscovering the reel mower, long admired for its outstanding quality of cut. This spring Mantis will introduce two new reel mowers; a manually-operated “push” mower and a battery-powered cordless mower. Mantis reel mowers, with their five-blade contact-free reel design, yield the sheared cut preferred by lawn care professionals for a greener, healthier lawn.

Mantis Reel Mowers feature a contact-free blade system – the blade misses the bed knife by less than a millimeter, reducing friction, yielding a scissor-like precision cut that doesn’t tear at the grass shaft like rotary blades can. The friction-free five blade reel cylinder is constructed of flame-hardened, precision-ground steel with blades sharpened to one hundredth of a millimeter – constructed so tough that they may only require sharpening after every eight years of use. The contact-free, non-friction blade design makes reel mowing much easier with less effort required by the user to manicure the lawn. A “rear spoiler” discharge reduces flinging or fly-away grass clippings and directs the cuttings through the rear directly into the grass catcher bag

The eco-friendly Mantis Reel Mowers emit no emissions and are quiet in operation. The units are easy to maneuver and weigh a mere 16 pounds. The battery-powered unit weighs only 25 pounds. Another feature of these mowers is its foldable handle (non-slip cushion gripped). The handle compacts for easy storage and transport – these units can fit easily in the trunk of the car or under a shelf in the shed.



Mantis Reel Mower Features:

* Padded Handle: comfortable, form rubber with non-slip grip.

* Foldable Handle: Compacts unit for easy storage and transporting – easily fits in the trunk of a car.

* Blade Cover: Keeps blade safely guarded away when mowing under shrubs or low-hanging flowers.

* Five-blade Reel Cylinder: Flame-hardened precision-ground steel blades are sharpened to one hundredth of a millimeter for a precise, clean cut.

* Non-friction blades reduce user-fatigue and offer longer blade life – blades typically require sharpening only once every eight years.

* “Rear Spoiler” Discharge: Reduces flinging or fly away grass cuttings. Ejects grass cuttings to the rear of the mower or directly into grass catcher bag.

* Sealed Ball Bearings: for longer life; eliminates need for oiling and mechanical maintenance

* Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height: infinitely variable, adjusts from ½ an inch to 1-¾ inches.

* All units come complete with Grass Catcher Bag attachment.


Mantis Cordless, Battery-Operated Reel Mower Features:

All of the great features of the Mantis Manual Reel Mower, plus…

* Easy-to-Operate: Simply press the power button on handle and squeeze the trigger to power the cutting blade reel To stop the blade reel…Simply release the trigger.

* Quiet, fatigue-free mowing with the superior quality of a reel blade cut.

* Rechargeable 24-volt NiCad Battery: Mows up to 2,500 square feet (up to 30 minutes) on a full charge.

* Unit can be used manually, even without the battery.

* Unit comes complete with battery, charger, and grass catcher bag attachment.


To find out more Mantis products, or to find the nearest dealer; contact Greg Heyer, director of sales, toll-free, at 877-596-6337 or visit the Little Wonder Web site at

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