Women in Horticulture Week May 26-June 1

The Fifth Annual Women in Horticulture Week, May 26 to June 1, is dedicated to commemorating the achievements of women in horticulture and creating a supportive environment for their professional growth.

“There are so many inspirational women who have been mentors, guides, and role models for me in this industry — including my mother,” said Katie Dubow, president of the women-led Garden Media Group. Women in Horticulture Week is our opportunity to celebrate these women and their contributions and continually work toward a more inclusive future.”

The week includes diverse activities, workshops and events to acknowledge women’s essential roles in horticulture. It is an inspirational platform for professionals, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to participate in meaningful conversations, share insights, and establish strong networks.

How to Participate in the Fifth Annual Women in Horticulture Week:

  • Share your journey and inspiring facts about women in business to motivate others.
  • Volunteer or mentor aspiring female entrepreneurs in horticulture.
  • Learn the experiences, challenges, and triumphs from leaders during the Women in Horticulture series hosted by AmericanHort. The next event is a luncheon hosted at Cultivate ‘24, July 10.
  • Find and join local peer groups such as the ones in Greater Philadelphia and Central Florida.
  • Read Denise Schreiber’s Women in Horticulture column in Nursery Management featuring women such as Dr. Bridget Behe, Stephanie Cohen, Carol Reese, Maria Zampini, and more!
  • Embrace continuous learning through motivational resources and tools.
  • Support the initiative by updating your social media profile picture and sharing stories with the hashtag #womeninhort.

For event details and registration information, visit GardenMediaGroup.com and follow @GardenMedia on Instagram.