John Deere spreaders and sprayers

Equipment and Technology Focus: Spreaders and Sprayers

The following is our round up on spreaders and sprayers.

John Deere ProGator 2030A GPS PrecisionSprayer

The John Deere ProGator 2030A GPS PrecisionSprayer (above) increases application accuracy and consistency and reduces input costs and operator fatigue. Automated individual nozzle control allows operators to turn boom sections on and off with AutoTrac Guidance, limiting manual labor and wasted product from pass-to-pass overlap while spraying in less time. Users can create coverage maps that can be shared with multiple units, eliminating overlap and increasing productivity. The built-in satellite technology utilizes Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) navigation to ensure reliable boundary maps, improving overall accuracy. The GPS PrecisionSprayer electronically captures and analyzes spray data, eliminating manual recording and increasing accurate spray event information.

SiteOne Landscape Supply LESCO spreaders/sprayers

SiteOne spreaders and sprayers

SiteOne Landscape Supply’s LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers include the LESCO 100, 200, 300 and 600 applicator models. One-hundred-percent stainless-steel frames and coated Peerless transaxle resist corrosive granular chemicals for added life. The LESCO Model 100 features a low center of gravity, and is ideal for projects that do not require liquid application. The LESCO Model 200 releases dry and liquid material, and features a dual-setting spray system. Its narrow width allows easy access through gates in residential areas. With zero-turn drive and a variable spray system, the LESCO Model 300 delivers multiple coverage widths. Dual liquid spray tanks provide a total capacity of 24 gallons for up to 2.2 acres of coverage. The LESCO Model 600 offers 12-foot spray coverage, plus a pivoting front axle with a low center of gravity for excellent performance on sloping terrain.

Scag Turf Storm

Scag spreaders and sprayers

The Scag Turf Storm stand-on spreader/sprayer is a must-have tool for the serious chemical applicator, and is a natural fit for large commercial properties. With right-sized liquid (60 total gallons) and dry/granular (220-pound) capacities, the Turf Storm will help operators get more done per day for maximum productivity and profitability. An 8-foot-wide fold-away spray boom with five nozzles delivers spraying widths of 2, 6, 8 or 10 feet. Dry/granular materials can be spread up to 25 feet wide thanks to a high-torque electric spreader motor. A 21-hp. Vanguard engine delivers ample power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance. The machine’s 50-amp charging system ensures dependable spreader operation and battery life.

Steel Green SGXL

Steel Green spreaders and sprayers

The Steel Green SGXL is a multifunction applicator with industry-leading capacity and versatility. The SGXL is a 120-gallon zero-turn stand-on sprayer featuring a 14-foot, four-section, rear-mounted breakaway boom with electric hydraulic lift actuators. Other standard features include a 100-foot hose reel, 2.5-gallon foam marker, hillside assist system, pressure control system and LED light bar. Its size and versatility make the SGXL the perfect solution for large athletic facilities. Its 12-mph transport speed and 27-gpm centrifugal pump save time, at a time when efficiency is everything. The SGXL is compatible with an optional granular kit that has a 350-pound hopper and lift system to convert the SGXL to a high-capacity spreader.

Redesigned 2023 Z-Spray stand-on spreader sprayers

Z Turf Equipment redesigned its Z-Spray line of zero-turn stand-on spreader sprayers for 2023. The new design places the operator between the drive wheels, with components placed low and centrally within the corrosion-resistant stainless-steel frame. A bi-directional boom springs both forward and back to avoid damage. A contoured operator pad and revised control layout provide increased comfort and economy of motion, while larger drive tires provide a smoother ride. The new machines are designed to only need annual maintenance, with just one grease point. The patented flip-up hopper eases hopper cleaning and access to the engine for service. A patented magnetic operator pad removes easily, without tools, for access to the spray chart, or for service and maintenance. A new tank design leaves less leftover material in the tank and features a tools-free tank drain.

Ryan Mataway overseeder

Ryan spreaders and sprayers

Laying seed this spring? The Ryan Mataway overseeder is heavy-duty, easy to use and provides unmatched seed-to-soil contact for speedy germination, aeration and overseeding. With an easily adjustable seed flow rate and automatic seeding controls, you can overseed with confidence. Adjustable cutting blades allow the user to seed at variable rates for different grass varieties and can cut down to a depth of 0.25 inch. The machine’s curve-shaped discs help place the seeds directly into the soil, contrary to other spreaders that only drop seeds on top of the soil. This overseeder’s 19-inch working width allows users to cover up to 18,700 square feet per hour, with self-propelled controls that help the operator conserve energy and seed at a consistent rate, yielding better results.

Milwaukee M12 handheld sprayer

Milwaukee spreaders and sprayers

Milwaukee’s M12 handheld sprayer requires no manual pumping; provides instant, constant, and adjustable pressure; and delivers increased performance. The M12 handheld sprayer requires no manual pumping, allowing users to finish the job faster with a reduction in fatigue. By eliminating the time and energy consumed by pumping requirements, this sprayer delivers 60% faster application speed compared to manual sprayers. In addition, this handheld sprayer features a 3-mode pressure adjustment knob that adjusts the pressure between 20 and 80 psi, and delivers a 17-foot vertical spray distance, optimizing user control and efficiency. The instant, constant and adjustable pressure supplies users with the capability to complete a wide range of applications. The M12 Redlithium CP2.0 battery delivers up to 80 gallons of spraying per charge increasing productivity and allowing users to complete multiple jobs on a single charge. The M12 handheld sprayer powerhead is compatible with both the 1-gallon and 2-gallon handheld sprayer tank, allowing users to optimize tank capacity to the application and premix multiple tanks to increase efficiency.

Ferris Rover XC FS1200

Ferris spreaders and sprayers

The Ferris Rover XC FS1200 ride-on spreader features a Vanguard 160 engine, making it ideal for those who want a compact spreader but don’t want to sacrifice power and granular capacity. The Rover XC FS1200 provides excellent handling, even on sloped turf, and has a 100 percent stainless-steel frame and coated transmission that resist the corrosive effects of granular chemicals. Its compact size allows for maneuverability and easy access through residential gates and onto smaller trailers. Still, its hopper has 200 pounds of granular capacity allowing you to cover more area efficiently. Simple ergonomically placed controls allow for easy operation, and the Rover will reach speeds of up to five miles per hour.