E-Nano technology for data collection and analysis

E-Nano combines robotics for automation of data acquisition, data analytics for field state reports and AI for real-time evaluation of the sport surfaces in order to optimize maintenance practices.

E-Nano’s Sprout modular scouting robot enables monitoring of any agronomic and sport-specific parameters with its modular design. This unit has space to add additional sensors to meet all your agronomic and performance requirements.

Collect more than 100 data points per hour with only few minutes of preparation. Visualize each variable in every pitch/field for specific dates or for evolution over time. Evaluate in real-time of quality and density of turf by using AI.

E-Nano’s mission is to empower clubs to increase athlete’s performance and wellbeing through improved pitch playability. It combines robotics for data acquisition automation, data analytics for field state reports and AI for optimal maintenance practices.

E-Nano offers sport organizations a wide array of measurements and analytics enabled by automated data acquisition through robotics. For more information, visit www.e-nano.io.