Base Buddy

The Base Buddy

The Base Buddy X1 Pro is the evolution of base anchor technology. Designed to allow for the same stability and functionality as a traditional in-ground anchor, but without all the hassle of dirt and debris clogging it up, or the need for endless add on products to make them usable.

The X1 Pro can be sealed and locked when not in use, is easy to maintain in between uses and allows for new features that were never thought possible with traditional in-ground anchors. With our unique design, the X1 Pro will catch all dirt and debris that falls in during extended use. Any X1 Pro can utilize a number of traditional location methods but with our custom plug design, just drop in a bluetooth tracker and ping it with your smartphone after your field has been dragged, its as easy as that!  

The X1 Pro Underground Anchoring System can be fully submerged or flush to surface level. The future of base anchor technology has arrived. Get yours today at