BCA Smartlift

BCA Smartlift commercial-grade hook lifts

BCA Industries’ Smartlift universal ground loading roll-off system is designed to fit into any long- or short-bed pickup truck. The lifting mechanism can be installed with just four bolts and safely operated by remote control by one person. The lift can load and unload the bin, positioning it over the bed without affecting the use of the tailgate or any toolboxes.

A patented lifting mechanism is a swing-arm that gives the Smartlift its ability to lift more weight and at different heights. The boxes are available in 2.5-, 4-, 6-, and 8-yard as well as custom sizes. The containers are about the size of a mid-sized car, which allows them to be placed in driveways or tight spaces without causing obstructions — or clients’ objections.

The Smartlift base unit can easily handle 6,000 pounds. The largest available option, the Smartlift 60, has a lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds.

Even using one Smartlift box, personnel can be deployed for efficient and effective workflow. Ground-level equipment or material delivery/removal can be accomplished using fewer people in less time. Also, the potential for accidents or injury is reduced by not having to load using a ramp. With several yard boxes, a company could use just one pickup truck to distribute the boxes to various sites without having to hold up work waiting for the contents to be loaded or unloaded.

In addition to the various sizes of dump boxes, users can choose a Convert-A-Deck box from Smartlift. The 2.5-yard box transforms into an 8.6 ft wide deck by folding down the sides of the box and locking them in place. Large equipment such as two riding mowers can fit into this spacious area. Then the deck can be quickly converted back to a box in just a few minutes. Commercial-grade hook lifts provide the perfect solution for landscape companies that need versatile and flexible transport. These vehicle accessories offer the convenience and flexibility of a pickup truck with the capacity of a large commercial vehicle, dumpster, and equipment hauler.