Pest-Kote keeps damaging insects in the treatment zone for effective control

3D BioSciences’ Pest-Kote is a multi-purpose insecticide that uses patent-pending 3D-IPNS technology to improve spray coverage and enhance the insect pest’s exposure to the insecticide. The new product, which features improved interaction between the insect and insecticide and can be used in turfgrasses, ornamental crops, indoor/outdoor food crops, food handling/processing facilities, livestock and poultry facilities, and as an indoor and outdoor premise spray to control a wide variety of insects.

The 3D-IPNS technology employs a 3-dimensional immobilizing polymeric net structure that forms on body surfaces and traps the insect in contact with the pesticide active ingredient. Frank Jusich 3D BioSciences’ CEO, stated, “We see great potential in expanding the 3D-IPNS technology and continued partnering with David Liszka, ICB Pharma’s Chief Innovation & Solutions Officer, to bring additional products to the US market.”