Milwaukee M18 Fuel blower

Milwaukee expands M18 Fuel blower lineup

Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 Fuel dual battery blower reaches full throttle in under one second, while providing the best clearing control.

Leveraging Milwaukee’s Powerstate brushless motor, the M18 Fuel dual battery blower delivers an output of 17.7 Newtons and maintains that power level throughout the full discharge of the battery without drop off. Additionally, the advanced electronic package allows the blower to reach full throttle in under one second, increasing the operator’s control and productivity.

The M18 Fuel dual battery blower is designed with an ambidextrous variable-speed lock-on lever, allowing users to easily lock the desired power level with either hand. This speed control, paired with the optimized tool balance that allows for the blower nozzle to naturally point towards the ground, provides reduced fatigue and the best clearing control. 

“Throughout the United States, we are quickly seeing an increase in regulations around the emissions and noise levels of outdoor power equipment. With an eye to the future, landscape maintenance companies have started to adopt battery-powered solutions to take advantage of the benefits versus gas,” said Tony Buxton, group product manager for Milwaukee Tool. “To stay in front of these emerging requirements, we developed the M18 Fuel dual battery blower to completely replace current handheld gas blowers, delivering on the power and performance professionals demand to get the job done. The dual battery blower allows businesses that operate in areas with gas engine restrictions and noise regulations to remain compliant and use the same M18 Redlithium battery on other outdoor solutions, such as the mower and string trimmer.”

The M18 Fuel dual battery blower has a noise rating of 64 dB(A) and eliminates emissions so users can stay compliant with any restrictions without sacrificing power. To meet performance expectations in certain high-demand applications while maintaining system compatibility, this blower requires the simultaneous use of two M18 Redlithium batteries. Delivering a maximum air volume of 600 cfm and reaching air speeds of 145 mph, users can tackle demanding applications, such as wet leaves, while maintaining maximum control.