RC Mowers Great American Road Show

RC Mowers continues successful Great American Road Show into the summer

RC Mowers will continue its Great American Road Show throughout the summer by providing in-person demonstrations of its robotic mowers to commercial landscapers and public works, parks and road departments throughout the country.

“We built most of our dealer network during the pandemic when in-person communications was at a minimum,” said Tim Kubista, vice president of sales and marketing for RC Mowers. “So, in order to show our dealers what the mowers could do, we decided to take them on the road. We also began inviting potential buyers, and the events grew into a real success story. We have exceeded our sales expectations and have generated more interest in our product line than we ever imagined.”

Kubista said the first event was held in April 2021 and continued with 40 events throughout that year. So far in 2022, the Great American Road Show has held more than 42 events with 95 more scheduled over June, July, August and September. He said that list will grow as more dates are added.

A typical event on the road show includes demonstrations of tracked mowers on steep slopes of up to 50 degrees or along overgrown retention ponds. The remote-controlled robotic mowers cut thick brush on wet and muddy land and mow down tall grass and weeds that become unruly during warmer months.

“Road shows like this used to be popular in days gone by but have been replaced by internet demonstrations in recent decades,” Kubista said. “We wanted to show our dedication to our dealers and potential customers by showing them what our products can do in the real-world conditions they face in their own communities. We believe in our mowers’ abilities to minimize safety liabilities, reduce labor costs and increase profitability and productivity and the road show allows us to demonstrate these benefits in action.”

RC Mowers’ product line includes three tracked mowers that come with a water-resistant, commercial-grade remote control that most operators can learn to use within minutes. Premium and entry-level machines are available.

To find specific dates, locations and registration information, visit the Great American Road Show website at https://www.rcmowersusa.com/pages/great-american-road-show.