Oklahoma State University announces two new turfgrass varieties

Oklahoma State University scientists are excited to unveil two new turfgrass varieties, which will be available for commercial use in the next two to four years.

OKC1876 and OKC3920 are crosses between common bermudagrass and African bermudagrass. According to Dr. Yanqi Wu, OSU plant and soil sciences professor and plant breeder, the two new varieties have unique genetic identities due to being crossbred from two different types of bermudagrass families.

OKC1876 and OKC3920 will become OSU’s ninth and 10th turf bermudagrass varieties to be released for commercial use since 1991. These new varieties were purpose built — like Tahoma 31, which is used in over 156 locations across the U.S.

OSU scientists found that OKC1876 exhibits high turfgrass quality, improves drought resistance, retains excellent fall color, reduces seedheads and wide adaptation in southern states. It also demonstrates excellent establishment characteristics, fine texture, high turf density, dark green color, good traffic tolerance and sufficient sod tensile strength for reliable commercial production.

For the full article, visit https://agresearch.okstate.edu/news/articles/2022/osu-announces-two-new-turfgrass-varieties.html