Northern California chapter announces rebrand and other changes

The Northern California chapter recently announced a rebrand from Northern California STMA to Northern California Sports Field Management Association (NCSFMA).

In a letter to chapter members, Tim Youngberg, NCSFMA president, and City of Mountain View parks and open space manager, shared the new direction for the organization, stating that the chapter will have a new logo, new website address (, and that the website is undergoing a complete redesign. The rebrand correlates to the rebrand of the national association.

Youngberg also announced that NCSFMA has contracted with the Sacramento-based association management company Connerly & Associates, Inc., to manage NCSFMA. Connerly & Associates has been in business since 1973, and brings experience, knowledge, and ideas to the organization, in an effort to increase engagement, information, and value for NCSFMA members.

Connerly & Associates President Marc Connerly will serve as NCSFMA executive director, and will provide NCSFMA members with local regulatory updates, details on membership, an annual sponsorship program and educational opportunities. Additionally, NCSFMA will soon have an online membership management system that will allow members to register and pay for events and pay for membership dues, and sponsorships online.

According to Youngberg, NCSFMA plans to host three live events between now and the end of the year – the first of which will be held June 8, at McKelvey Park in Mountain View, Calif. This unique baseball field was built in collaboration with the Valley Water to serve as a dual-purpose facility, providing flood protection to downstream neighborhoods and recreational space for residents.