Jacobsen ELiTE

Jacobsen Eclipse 360 ELiTE ride-on reel mower

Jacobsen’s push into fully electric machines began with the Eclipse range over a decade ago. Its latest lithium iteration, the Eclipse 360 ELiTE cuts more than grass. Fuel cost, noise and maintenance downtime are all reduced by this mower with advanced precision technology. The latest ELiTE lithium-Ion battery and a hydraulic-free design make the Eclipse 360 electric reel mower the greenest, quietest and highest quality cut available for golf and fine sports turf. Key features of Eclipse 360 ELiTE include:

  • A 250-amp hour lithium battery pack that delivers a 22-hour runtime
  • Cutting capacity of 143,000 square feet
  • Electronic-controlled steering
  • InCommand operator interface with on-board diagnostics, machine setup and backlap
  • Independently controlled lift/lower
  • Swing-out center unit for ease of service
  • 62-inch cut width
  • Signature 22-inch, 7-, 9-, 11-, or 15-inch blade reels or optional 22-inch Verticut
  • Precision cut height of .062 to .438 inches
  • New linear actuators
  • Available in 2WD standard or optional 3WD kit
  • Standard ROPS for safety