STMA Featured Speakers of the Month for January

STMA’s Conference Education Committee has put together an exciting and informative education program for the 2022 Conference in Savannah, Ga. Each month, speakers presenting at the conference will be featured. Don’t miss the networking and educational opportunities offered this year. The featured speakers of the month for January are Russ Bayer, Andrew Miller and Dr. Mike Goatley, Jr., as well as Dr. John Sorochan.

Russ Bayer, Andrew Miller and Dr. Mike Goatley, Jr.

Russ Bayer is a teacher in the South Forsyth High School Turf Management Program, Andrew Miller is the program director for the Brentsville Turfgrass Management Program, and Dr. Mike Goatley, Jr. is a professor and extension turfgrass specialist at Virginia Tech. They will be teaming up to present the session “Challenges and Opportunities of Sports Field Programs in Secondary Schools” on January 19.

In this presentation you will learn about the different strategies that are used in different high school turfgrass management programs across the country. We will discuss some of the success stories of students and the benefits that these programs have had on the outlook of our industry. We will also discuss ways industry professionals can get involved to promote the sports field management industry to help grow this incredible profession.

Attendees will learn about:

  • High school turfgrass management programs across the country that provide skilled labor of young teenagers that will have an impact on your field the first day that they step on the jobsite.
  • How you can have a lasting impact on a child’s life by getting involved with these programs and providing the opportunity for these kids to be successful in this industry.
  • How Secondary School programs will have a positive impact on the future of the sports field management industry and grow the profession that we are all passionate about.

Dr. John Sorochan

Dr. John Sorochan is a distinguished professor at University of Tennessee. On January 18, he will be presenting “Research, Trial, and Error; Selecting Warm Season Grasses for Stadiums.”

This session will focus on using evidence-based research and real-world trial and error to guide proper species and variety selections for warm season grass stadiums. Participants will be able to make sound decisions to help with species and variety selection for their warm season sports fields.