Stihl FSA 86 R
Stihl FSA 86 R

Stihl battery-powered solutions

Stihl Inc. introduced a range of battery-powered solutions during GIE+EXPO.

AP 500 S

“This new battery impresses not only with its high-energy density and comparatively low weight, but also expected longevity,” said Murray Bishop, Stihl director of sales. “When properly cared for, the AP 500 S can accept up to twice as many charging cycles as compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.”

AL 301-4 multi charger

“This charger can sequentially charge up to four Stihl AP or AR batteries – either in your workshop or on the road. It can quickly charge four AP 300 S batteries in just under 5 hours,” said Bishop. “Because we know that landscapers need recharging options to fit their operations, we’re showcasing an entire multi-tier charging infrastructure around the AL 301-4.”

Charging cabinet

“Our new charging cabinet houses three AL 301-4 chargers allows landscapers to charge up to 12 batteries on a single 110-volt outlet,” said Bishop. “Additionally, the charging cabinet is built with modularity in mind. Depending on the application, it can be configured to fit in the bed of a truck, mounted to a flatbed truck, or open in a trailer. It’s weatherproof, and features cooling fans to keep batteries in the specified temperature ranges.”

AP 300 battery system

“The Stihl AP 300 battery system delivers professional gas-comparable performance with all the benefit of batteries, and we’re expanding it with a new trimmer, sprayer, and chain saw,” said Bishop.

  • FSA 86 R – Lightweight, battery-powered, mid-range trimmer designed for professionals. Its variable-speed trigger optimizes performance and run time, and supports multiple mowing heads. With a virtually maintenance-free brushless motor, 13.8” cutting swath and variable-speed 7,200 rpm delivers a smooth, clean cut. Low noise, as a battery tool, extends your working hours.
  • SGA 85 – For pros using sprayers for pest control, cleaning and restoration, cleaning, lawn and garden applications, construction, and greenhouses, this is the first battery-powered sprayer in the Stihl lineup. It features strong Viton seals for durability and reliability, an easy-to-use diaphragm-style pump, and a leak-resistant design. It also has a variable-speed trigger, provides high working pressures from 14.5 to 87 psi.
  • MSA 300 C-O – “This is the most powerful battery-powered chain saw in the market,” said Bishop. The MSA300 is ideal for noise-sensitive environments. If features ergonomics, an anti-vibration system, excellent balance, durability, and a weather-resistant design.