Western UTV plow

Western Products unveils new mid-duty plow and drop spreaders for UTVs

Western Products announced three new products to its line of non-truck equipment: the Western Impact mid-duty UTV straight blade plow and the Drop 250 and Drop 600 drop spreaders.

“These new products for mid-duty UTVs and tractors are something we’ve been excited to share with our fleet owners for a long time,” said Tyler Jones, product manager of Non-Truck Snow & Ice Control Products for Western Products. “UTVs are agile and less expensive than other snow and ice service vehicles. When equipped with purpose-built products, UTVs can dominate sidewalk work and keep crews warm, safe, and inside a protected environment.”

The Impact mid-duty UTV plow features hydraulic positioning and a lightweight design that provides power, speed and precision for a tailored snow removal solution for mid-duty recreational utility vehicles. The 5’6″ and 6’0″ widths fit sidewalks perfectly, and high-strength components ensure commercial durability. The patent-pending Sway-Frame design allows the blade to shift from side-to-side, keeping the blade in line with the wheel track when angling. Fully hydraulic blade control allows the operator to quickly make the necessary blade adjustments—up/down and angle—from inside the cab for fast and efficient winter cleanup. 

The all-new 2.5-cubic-foot and 6.0-cubic-foot drop spreaders—built from laser-cut stainless steel and constructed with high-strength rivets, making them built to last—provide a spread width of 30, 33 or 36 inches in a drop pattern, so the salt stays precisely where the vehicle drives. The stainless steel drop spreaders come standard with three mounting systems to fit most UTVs, compact tractors, or wheel loaders. They are designed to make quick work of sidewalks, walking paths and other paved surfaces where truck equipment can’t easily gain access. Variable-speed control allows the operator to precisely match the material delivery rate to the conditions. The free-flowing material delivery system ensures a consistent amount of material flows into the spreader trough. Once the job is complete, the entire trough drops open for fast and easy material clean-out.