RightLine Sulfen Southern

RightLine Sulfen Southern

RightLine LLC launched its first sulfentrazone combination product with RightLine Sulfen Southern herbicide. 

By combining sulfentrazone with the powerful herbicide imazethapyr, the new herbicide expands the list of weeds controlled beyond straight sulfentrazone products. While sulfentrazone alone controls many sedges and kyllinga, the addition of imazethapyr expands label claims to include purple nutsedge and a total of more than 50 weeds.

Sulfen Southern is labeled for use on many warm-season turfgrass species including bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, buffalograss and centipede, and can be applied to golf course fairways and roughs, sod farms and athletic fields, as well as residential, commercial and institutional lawn areas. For added convenience and efficiency, RightLine Sulfen Southern is packaged in a 64-oz. bottle, the largest package size available to date for this technology.

“This new herbicide delivers excellent weed control, practicality and value to professionals who manage warm-season turf,” said Tim Zech, RightLine vice president of sales. “It is in keeping with our mission to bring economical and effective product options to our customers.” 

Information regarding RightLine LLC, the products and supporting materials may be found at www.rightlineusa.com.