Kubota RTV520

Kubota launches gas-powered RTV520

Kubota Tractor Corporation launched its gas-powered RTV520 with a new look and upgraded features. Featuring a variety of performance, appearance and comfort upgrades over its predecessor, the RTV500, the RTV520 was designed for large property owners and commercial contractors alike. Offered in general purpose and deluxe configurations, the RTV520 is available at Kubota dealerships starting in March.

“The RTV520 is the perfect utility vehicle for anyone who needs to get work done on their mid- to large-sized property and for commercial operators who need a reliable, quality utility vehicle on the jobsite,” said Jacob Mandoza, Kubota senior product manager, utility vehicles. “The RTV520 is easy to operate with confidence, offers a quiet and comfortable ride, and provides durability at a value price point.”

 Boasting a new appearance, the RTV520 is tougher and more aggressive than the previous generation from the inside out. A more powerful 2-cylinder Kubota liquid-cooled EFI engine provides more than 17 horsepower while Electric Fuel Injection (EFI) makes starting the engine in cold weather easier and gives instant power with greater throttle control. Equipped with a Variable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT) that provides exceptional performance on any terrain with smooth and powerful acceleration, low-speed driving is enhanced through smooth throttle control, great traction and increased maneuverability. Additionally, dynamic braking allows for one-pedal operation making jobs that require frequent stops easier. 

With the RTV520, ownership has never been easier. Regardless of experience behind the wheel of a utility vehicle, ease of operation is made possible through the VHT’s one-pedal operation, smooth acceleration and engine braking, leading to driver confidence. A large cargo bed opening provides easy access to components for quick and simple maintenance, and because the VHT does not have a belt, there is no worry about having to replace this traditionally difficult to fix and easy to break item. Key areas of the vehicle, like the underbody, and beneath the cargo box and operator’s station are protected, and the radiator features a screen that prevents mud and grass form sticking to it. And a heavy-duty cargo bed with 441 lbs. of cargo capacity and a towing capacity of 1,168 lbs. means the RTV520 is ready to tackle the toughest jobs.

At 54.7 inches wide and 74 inches tall, the RTV520’s narrow stance allows it to easily travel the slimmest passageways and fit through the tightest spaces. With a tight turning diameter of just 21.7 feet, the RTV520 is able to access areas where bigger utility vehicles simply can’t go. An improved suspension system features a 5-link rear system that helps prevent the vehicle from bottoming out and improves rider comfort, even in the roughest terrain. A redesigned seat with 30 percent softer material provides more comfort during long rides; the 360-degree crank and two axis balancers reduces noise and vibration from the engine.