Altoz TSX 561 i

Altoz introduces tracked stand-on mower

Altoz announced the release of the first tracked stand-on mower, the TSX 561i. Equipped with the steep-mowing capabilities of the Altoz track system and its combination of speed, stability and maneuverability, the TSX allows operators to safely and effectively mow terrain that traditional mowers simply cannot.

The TSX’s most obvious feature is its aggressive 11-inch wide all-terrain track. The patented, industry-exclusive TSX track system bridges gaps found in rough terrain and is complemented by TorqFlex front suspension with 13-inch flat-free tires to decrease chassis bounce and increase operator control. Together with its rear axle torsion suspension, the result is stability with low ground pressure, minimal compaction and an industry-best ride.

At the heart of the TSX control center is the ergonomic, adjustable hand rests and adjustable shock-absorbing rider platform. The low center of gravity platform allows ample room for foot movement, and side-mounted foot stands provide secure footing and increased control while mowing off-camber terrain. SmarTrac Pro and electric dial throttle controls are intuitive and within easy reach. The 61-inch HV All-terrain deck is built to take on the toughest assignments. Laminated 7-gauge steel deck with three spindles and six swing blades and a sloped back rear discharge can process heavy and damp material efficiently. And equipped with a 29.5 horsepower Kawasaki FX850V-EFI engine, the TSX has more than enough muscle to power through challenging mowing conditions.

The TSX will find its way onto dealership floors beginning early April.