Polaris Pro XD

Polaris announces new Pro XD work accessories

The Polaris Pro XD utility task vehicle is making work more efficient with new accessories that further enhance jobsite productivity and equipment protection.

The Polaris Pro XD is designed specifically for durability, serviceability and safety and has two and four-seat, gas and diesel models offering up to 2,075 pounds payload and 2,500 pounds towing capacities, heavy-duty driveline components and up to 200-hour maintenance intervals. The vehicles also feature puncture-resistant Kevlar-backed vinyl seats, headlights for added visibility, all-new jobsite tires for longer life on hard-packed surfaces, as well as multiple standard safety features like horn, reverse beeper and vehicle fault alarms which notify users of potential issues that could cause serious damage to the vehicle. These highly sought-after features are further complemented by an accessories catalog that builds on the flexibility and customizability of the Pro XD.

New cargo bed topper

Keep gear safe, secure and protected from the elements with this lockable, weather resistant bed enclosure. Front, side and rear windows provide line-of-sight visibility from the cab to behind the machine, as well as inside the cargo area. Designed specifically for the Pro XD, the all-aluminum topper is strong and lightweight – and with integrated Lock and Ride technology, can easily be installed and removed.

New rear bumper

The Pro XD rear bumper adds protection and minimizes damage to taillights and bodywork in the event of a rear collision. The steel bumper has a matte black finish and integrated mounting holes for easy installation.

New mud guard

The Pro XD mud guard is a newly available accessory that will also come standard on new Pro XD diesel models. The mud guard is designed to protect the engine bay from excess dirt and mud. This added protection decreases maintenance time in cleaning tough-to-reach areas and helps the engine run smoothly.

These new accessories expand Pro XD’s line of accessories that aim to maximize the vehicle’s utility, weather and climate usage, jobsite compliance and safety, and more.

A full accessories catalog is available for download on the Polaris website, where customers can also experience the vehicle virtually.