Kromer announces new ownership

Kromer Co. LLC, a manufacturer of field maintenance equipment for natural and synthetic fields, recently was sold to Nathan Bergquist and Al Hentges, two longtime employees. Together, Bergquist and Hentges have more than 30 years of combined experience with the company and turf industry. 

“I have seen a lot of exciting change in this industry since I was hired as a sales consultant with Kromer Co.,” said Hentges. “Helping our customers save time and money, along with being more efficient has been very rewarding. I really enjoy the industry, the customers and our product line. I really don’t want to do anything else. All I want is to keep the Kromer machine the best in the industry. So, when the opportunity arose to purchase Kromer, we jumped on it.” 

Bergquist has been part of Kromer since early 2004 and Hentges joined the team shortly thereafter. Bergquist started out as a temp worker for Kromer, then was hired as full-time assembly worker. After five years of assembly, Bergquist was promoted to shop supervisor for four years, then moved to a purchasing and parts position, then promoted to operations manager up to the point of purchasing Kromer with Hentges. 

“If you called Kromer for just about anything, there’s a good chance I have talked to you,” said Bergquist. “Together, Al and I have seen how field maintenance has changed over the years and strive to make the best equipment to complete any task. Both Al and I have a very strong relationship with our customers and have always tried to give customers what they want and need to make the job easier. We pride ourselves on listening to what our customer want and have the authority to do so. Both Al and I love this company and what we do and will continue do whatever it takes to make it the best manufacturer of field maintenance equipment out there.”