TTII Playsafe 65 color-coated and black EPDM

Target Technologies International Inc.’s (TTII’s) Playsafe 65 color-coated EPDM and Playsafe 65 black EPDM met and passed the FIFA 2015 and World Rugby 2020 UVA 5,000-hr. criteria.

Playsafe 65 color-coated EPDM is a highly-durable BASF urethane-coated virgin EPDM that can withstand the pounding from cleats or the grinding from shoes, as well as live up to harsh weather environments such as heavy rain, ice, snow and extreme temperatures. Playsafe 65 color-coated EPDM feels and plays like crumb rubber but it’s not crumb rubber. It’s ideal for all synthetic turf applications including sport fields, parks and recreation, commercial and general landscaping. The vibrant green color adds life to synthetic turf. 

Playsafe 65 black EPDM looks, feels and plays like crumb rubber, but it’s not crumb rubber. This 100% virgin EPDM, produced in the USA, is the most competitively priced infill outside of crumb rubber in today’s market. The 10-18 sizing easily works down between the turf fibers and stays there. 

“Our Playsafe 65 EPDM’s are front-runner infills, first and foremost, based on extensive testing that has been conducted, ensuring environmental and public safety and secondly, especially during this time, price point” stated John B. Giraud, managing director of TTII.  “We continue to strive to ensure a supply of safe, durable, competitively priced products.”