Stihl FSA 135 R

Stihl Inc. announces new products and innovations for 2021

This year has certainly been unprecedented and continues to be unpredictable.

“Faced with unprecedented challenges, Stihl dealers and the many other essential American small businesses they serve played a vital role in keeping our country moving forward,” said Bjoern Fischer, president of Stihl Inc. “Much of the green industry remained open whenever possible and adapted to find new ways of doing business to support customers’ needs. At Stihl, we pledge to continue to work together to face these challenges head on, and to provide these essential businesses with the products needed to keep the positive momentum going today and into the future.”

Stihl engineers continue to lead the way by spearheading new innovations to improve power and performance. The Stihl legacy of innovation continues with expansions to its extensive lineup of gasoline, electric and battery-powered equipment.

New Stihl 135 Professional Battery Series

Part of the professional AP Battery Series, the Stihl 135 platform is packed with Stihl quality and durability, delivering true commercial-grade power and performance comparable to gasoline-powered tools — all with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. All products feature an on- board battery slot and weather-resistant design, allowing professional users to keep working with less downtime. The 135 platform is assembled in America with many of the same drive and cutting components used in Stihl professional gas-powered products.

• Stihl KMA 135 R KombiMotor.A powerful, versatile battery-powered multi-task tool, the KMA 135 R features performance comparable to Stihl gas-powered units with the same attachment compatibility. 14 different attachments empower professional landscape crews to efficiently take on a wide range of landscaping tasks on the jobsite.

• Stihl FSA 135 and FSA 135 R trimmers.With a brushless motor and the same drive and cutting components used in Stihl professional gas trimmers, the FSA 135 models deliver professional cutting performance comparable to Stihl gas units with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. Available in loop or bike handle design.

• Stihl HTA 135 pole pruner. An advanced battery-powered pole pruner that extends up to 13 feet, with commercial-grade power and durability. Features the same field-proven shaft and cutting components as found on Stihl gasoline-powered pole pruners. The Stihl HTA 135 pole pruner combines commercial-grade power and durability comparable to gas, with quiet performance and zero exhaust emissions.

• Stihl HLA 135, 135 K 0° and HLA 135 0°-145° extended-reach hedge trimmers.The most powerful battery-powered hedge trimmers in the Stihl line, the HLA 135 family of hedge trimmers offer two short-shaft (K) designs, as well as one long-shaft length design, which can extend user’s reach up to 60 inches. The K versions are available with either a fixed or 145-degree adjustable cutting head. The long-shaft version employs an adjustable 145-degree cutting head allowing greater flexibility for their extended-reach trimming needs. All models feature the same shaft, gearbox and cutting head as Stihl gas-powered models, delivering maximum performance and durability in a battery package.

Professional chain saws

• Stihl MS 400 C-M chain saw.Featuring the industry’s first chain saw with a magnesium alloy piston, the MS 400 C-M chain saw gives professional users added power and performance, without adding weight. Built with Stihl M-Tronic engine technology to deliver low-emission, fuel-efficient performance under most operating conditions. A lifetime HD2 air filter reduces the number of costly filter replacements. And, the pre-separation system removes large debris before it even gets to the air filter, increasing run time between cleanings. Built with tree care and forestry professionals in mind, the powerful MS 400 C-M is designed to help tackle a variety of tasks including tree felling, bucking, and delimbing.

• Stihl MS 500i chain saw. The STIHL MS 500i is the first-ever chain saw on the worldwide market with electronically controlled fuel injection. This new Stihl innovation provides professional users with impressive acceleration, incredible power-to-weight ratio, and no choke for easier starting. Designed and built exclusively for forestry personnel and tree service professionals to take on tree felling, bucking or delimbing tasks.