Anuvia GreenTRX
The GreenTRX Family of Products. Extended Feeding Formulas: Turf professionals can offer complete GreenTRX programs or to choose the best analysis for their specific needs based on turf conditions. GreenTRX products incorporate environmentally-friendly poly-coated urea to the base for extended delivery of nutrients and for enhanced visibility while spreading.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients announces new GreenTRX products lineup

Anuvia Plant Nutrients, a sustainable plant nutrient company, announced its product line expansion for its GreenTRX fertilizer. Each of the new GreenTRX products are based on Anuvia’s proprietary sustainable nutrient delivery technology. Each product is high efficiency, provides quick greening and improves soil health. The GreenTRX products are comprised of 100 percent nutrients with no filler and no uncoated urea.

“Conventional fertilizers may contain up to 50 percent filler and unprotected urea which is prone to volatilization or leaching. Each bag of our product contains only granules that deliver nutrients,” said Hugh MacGillivray, Anuvia’s chief commercial officer. “We’ve also fine-tuned the nutrient analysis to better match customer needs. Now lawn care operators and their customers have choices that can be based on the best analysis for a specific situation.”

All GreenTRX products are environmentally friendly. The slow-release nitrogen reduces environmental impact as more nitrogen is used by the growing plant and less is lost into the atmosphere and in water. “The bottom line is that more nutrients are used, less are wasted.” MacGillivray adds.

The new GreenTRX products are easy to apply. They include Anuvia’s TRX technology and incorporate a poly-coated urea, which increases the slow release nitrogen and provides better visibility and an extended feed.