Elite Turf Power System

Elite Turf Power System hits U.S. market

Elite Turf has partnered with world-renowned artificial grass company Act Global to bring its all-in-one Power System to the U.S. market. Previously only available in Europe, the Elite Turf Power system combines Act Global’s triple-fiber woven Xtreme Turf and a non-rubber infill developed to create a first-of-its-kind product that is recyclable while enhancing safety, playability and durability.

“Over the past 20 years, the social and market drivers for greater turf innovation related to environmental, sustainability and player safety factors have significantly increased. Athletic facilities, public and private institutions, and athletes and their families can now rest easy knowing that they’re investing and playing on a completely recyclable turf product that’s safer for the environment, safer for the player, and performs better,” said Paul Adams, vice president of sales and marketing at Elite Turf. “We’re proud to partner with a global leader in the market, Act Global, to bring this top-of-the-line, eco-friendly Xtreme Turf product currently only available overseas to the U.S. at a time when player safety and our impact on the environment are more important than ever.”

Elite Turf’s Power System encompasses a woven turf ,which is stronger and more durable than traditional tufted turf. It’s built on the ProPlay pad Foundation, which plays and feels firm while testing soft, reducing injuries. With no polyurethane backing, the synthetic turf is 100% recyclable at end of life, reducing the high disposal cost, and its interlocked fibers stand vertical, offering superior and consistent ball roll, steady footing, and reduced glare and heat. The Power System also provides a safer and healthier infill that’s not only better for athletes, but better for the environment. Derived from up to 40,000 pounds of ocean plastic, the patent-pending infill can remove 1.8 million bottles from the ocean per field. Lastly, the high water permeability of the woven backing combined with the Elite Power Drainage system, which drains more than 2x faster than other fields results in more playable hours.

Act Global has supplied thousands of fields spanning over 90 countries including FIFA Quality certified pitches, and being a preferred supplier to United Soccer League, World Rugby and International Hockey Federation. Its existing turf brand can be found at world-class practice facilities for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and the U.S. Bank Stadium which hosts the Minnesota Vikings, to name a few.

The Power System provides a premium playing surface for a variety of sports including soccer, football, baseball, rugby, and field hockey. By engaging with leading testing institutes, research facilities, and industry groups, Elite Turf satisfies performance requirements and safety needs for all users. Xtreme Turf has undergone numerous tests and proven for Lisport durability, UV stability, shock absorbency, traction, and foot stability to meet or exceed industry and sport federation norms. Xtreme Turf has also undergone stringent health and environmental testing for PAH’s, VOC’s, PFAS, Heavy Metals and passes EN 71-3 toy safety and ASTM guidelines.

To date, Elite Turf has already secured multiple sports field installations in 2020. Elite Turf offers a 10-year warranty, and easy and fast installation under all weather conditions.