Turfco Torrent 2 PTO

Turfco’s new tractor-mounted Torrent 2 PTO blower

Cleaning up turf debris can be a time-consuming task made even more challenging in these days when so many are working with smaller crews. Now, sports field managers looking to reduce the amount of work time spent on debris management can hitch their hopes to the new Turfco Torrent 2 PTO debris blower.

By substituting on-board engine power with tractor-mounted PTO hydraulic power, the Torrent 2 PTO blower weighs in at less than 340 pounds – about 150 pounds lighter than its self-powered sibling. That makes it a lightweight, agile turf performer that’s also quiet, stingy on fuel consumption, and easy to maintain. 

“The new PTO-version of our well-received, self-powered Torrent 2 blower features all of the power, ease of use and time-saving virtues of the original model, with great maneuverability and of course less noise and no engine maintenance requirements,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president of Minneapolis-based Turfco Manufacturing.

Connect the PTO version to a standard turf tractor – minimum 20-hp. engine to run the blower hydraulics – and hit the turf. The supplied handheld controller enables operators to change nozzle direction fast and on the fly, without having to slow down and wait for the nozzle to swivel around.

For even greater productivity, Turfco’s optional patented MagnaPoint technology eliminates guesswork. It ensures the operator is as productive as possible all day long. Users can preset the optimal degree angle for the debris being blown, whether its grass clippings, leaves or aeration cores, saving up to two hours per day.

Getting the angle correct and holding to it is critical to maximizing the efficient use of the blower. Even a seemingly slight 15-degree “miss” on angle direction will result in a large percentage loss of efficiency – leading to lower worker productivity.

Turfco encourages customers to demo the Torrent 2 PTO debris blower – as well as their other products – through an authorized dealer or via an interactive online demonstration.